Module 1: Introduction to
Wholistic Ministry

This module of training introduces the basics of Wholistic Ministry.

It’s lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: The Whole Story
  • Lesson 2: Humans are important to God
  • Lesson 3: Love God, Love Neighbor
  • Lesson 4: Luke 2:52
  • Lesson 5: God wants the church to help
  • Lesson 6: What are some of the needs we can help with?
  • Lesson 7: Kingdom Math
  • Lesson 8: Understanding how to help
  • Lesson 9: Acts of Love
  • Lesson 10: Planning Acts of Love

Our goal in this module is to help students understand that God cares about every part of their life and to understand that they need to reach out to show God’s love to their communities.

To read any of these lessons online please click on the name of the lesson.

The Teacher Guide is a detailed guide that we give to each of our trainers. It contains full notes of each lesson, including answers to many of the questions.

The Student Handouts contain handouts that are used in class to facilitate group discussion, personal reflection, and role plays. Depending on your group’s literacy level, you may choose to either use all of these materials or just a few.

We typically print visual aids on cardstock and they are used as posters for the class or for interactive group work. The Teacher Guide explains how each is used.