TCT Members refers to those who are interested to apply the TCT program or materials in depth in their own context. We ask that you become a member so that we can keep in better touch with you, for the purpose of mutual learning and sharing.  While TCT Modules 1-5 will be freely available on the Tools page to download, Modules 6-10 and many other resources are reserved for the TCT Members Section.

You can learn about the different types of relationship you can have with us here.

If you’ve already registered, you can login here:

Who can become a TCT Member?

Anyone can become a member. Our intention is that the membership area is for those who are actively applying TCT materials and ideas and would like more resources and support. There is no charge to join. We offer materials and advice for free, but ask just two things of our Members in return:

  • Have the same spirit of sharing. Share your experiences, testimonies, and translated materials with us. We also ask that you be friendly and helpful to other groups in your area that might be seeking information about the TCT program.
  • Understand the main goals of TCT. It really matters to us that people understand these before they start using the materials. If you are applying the program in depth, we ask that you complete a brief online orientation to clearly understand the main TCT goals.

What are the benefits of becoming a TCT Member?

By becoming a member, you’ll receive additional support in applying TCT materials and ideas.   A TCT consultant will keep in touch with you to help with common issues, like contextualizing materials, understanding various ways to modify the program according to your situation, evaluating progress, and tackling common challenges. We’ll let you know if there are other TCT trainings or events happening in your area that would be helpful. You’ll also gain free access to all TCT materials in English and any other available translations. These include:

  • Program Orientation Materials
  • 10 Church Training Modules
  • Facilitator Development Trainings
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation Tools
  • Sample Magazine articles
  • TCT Newsletter

Why do we have a TCT Members area?

There are two main reasons. The first is that quite honestly, we want to know who is really going in depth with using TCT materials. The first few training modules are offered freely, but if your interest in TCT goes beyond that, then we would like to get to know you a little more.

The second reason is for mutual learning and sharing. We want to provide support to help you do TCT well, and we also want to be able to learn from your experiences in applying TCT. By becoming a registered member, we can let you know if there are other groups in your area already doing TCT who might be able to talk to you.

How do I become a TCT Member?

It’s quite simple; just click here to complete a short form. We ask for your name, email address, country where you are working, basic ministry information, and how you heard of the program.

After you submit the form, we’ll contact you with more information about becoming a TCT Member.

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