Written Stories

Youth Clean the Well in Marare

Marare village is a densely populated and diverse area of Uganda. People of different tribes, income-levels, religions, and ages live in Marare. But what brings them all together is water—it is what people treasure above all else in this area. Decades ago, the community was assisted to have a protected well. During the rainy seasons, the runoff water from the many houses runs down the gentle slope towards the protected well. Over time, the well became polluted with silt, rubbish and debris. Because of this unhygienic situation, the community was prone to water borne diseases.

Two youth leaders from the local church, after studying TCT through a program of Food for the Hungry, decided to show God’s love to their community by cleaning the well one Saturday. When women came to draw water, they say the two youth working and joined in to help. When the Water Source User Committee saw the community members taking responsibility for the well, it encouraged them to be active again in helping to maintain it. Before, most people believed that the leaders needed to address the problems with the well. But after this one Act of Love, the community members are empowered. One mother was overheard teaching her child, “We can be responsible for our own health.” Praise God for transformed thinking and improved health in Marare!