Written Stories

Six Homes Get Locally Made Cooking Stoves

The Katara Church of the Nazerene in Uganda was able to study TCT through a program of TNA. As they considered how to show God’s love to their community, they realized that gathering sufficient wood to cook with was very difficult and time consuming, and that people’s cutting down trees for firewood was causing environmental degradation. The church members mobilized to have energy efficient stoves made, which they gave to six households. The result was so encouraging! Since they need to gather much less wood for cooking, the families now have more time to work in their gardens. The enclosed stoves are also much safer for cooking around small children. Other families saw the transformation in these households, and are now willing to pay for their own energy efficient stoves, creating an income-generation opportunity for the community members who make them. For those who can’t afford to buy their own, the church continues to help provide the stoves as an Act of Love.