Written Stories

Loving Enemies Turns Hearts to God

In a small village called Maneer, in Bihar India, there is a church of just a few families. A pastor from GEMS, who is a trained TCT Facilitator, was placed in this village to care for and nurture the church. The community is very hostile toward Christians, and there is one family especially who always spoke badly of the pastor and the believers. The pastor had a burden to love that family, so the church began to pray regularly for that family and looking for an opportunity to love them.

One day, Prince, a young boy from that family, had an accident and was thrown from his bike. He suffered broken legs and a severe head injury that caused him to lose his memory. Prince needed to stay in the hospital for several months, and the family did not know if he would live or die.

The church saw the family’s difficult situation and wanted to show them love. They went to the hospital, but were afraid to approach the family because of their mistreatment. After staying in a corner of the hospital for some time, they finally gathered their courage, because they knew that it was the right time to show God’s love. They asked the boy’s mother about the situation, and she cried and cried as she shared their fear and desperation. The church members comforted her and promised to help.

Two volunteers stayed at the hospital to help the family with simple tasks like fetching medicine and laboratory tests, and making tea. They prayed for Prince. Meanwhile, the pastor explained the need to the rest of the church. They took up an offering, and everyone contributed generously. When the pastor gave the offering to Prince’s mother, she was so moved that she cried, “My relatives did not give anything to us, but you who I have always considered my enemies gave money for my son’s treatment, visited us regularly and prayed for my son.”

Through this small Act of Love, the whole family came to know the love of Jesus, and the family is now coming to church and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Prince’s brother has been baptized, and is an active youth volunteer at the church. Prince is slowly recovering. He has started to regain his memory and will soon return to school. Praise the Lord!