The program section is made up of 6 sections that help to give a background to the program, the core principles, key ideas, results and then advice for getting started. You can read sequentially through the pages, using the navigation bar at the bottom or just skip around to those areas that interest you. The Practitioners Guide is a more in-depth explanation of all the information that you will find here. You can easily download it to study further.

What is covered?

  • INTRODUCTION: This gives an overview of the core aspects of the program
  • CORE PRINCIPLES: These are the foundational principles that the program is built on.  To understand the program and why we do what we do, you really need to understand these principles.
  • RESULTS: These are the most common results that we have seen as we have applied the program
  • KEY PRACTICES: These are practices that in our years of applying the program we have learned and have found key for others who look to replicate the program
  • TRAINING: This explains each of the trainings, how to use the various materials and gives some guidance for contextualizing the program.
  • PROGRAM DETAILS: This explains the role of facilitators, how to get started, typical costs and how we use the magazine
  • STORIES: To inspire you we have included some stories of what God has been doing. These are updated every two months so do come back to read more.
  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: This includes questions that we are often asked in order to bring more clarity to the program.