Written Stories

Planting Trees

Bad weather had always caused problems for one small, rural village. Rains and flooding wiped out roads during the rainy season, and the high heat of summer made life miserable. But after learning about showing God’s love to their community, a few local Christian families decided to do something about the situation. They decided to plant trees! Gradually, they started to plant trees along the main road, protecting the road from erosion and giving shade to those who were traveling. In a year they had planted 300 trees!

In that village there were only 15 Christian families and 80 Buddhist families. After a year of planting, the Buddhist families started to join with the Christians in planting trees. Since then, they have planted a total of 1000 trees! The community has completely changed in unity and willingness to work together. Everyone saw that they didn’t have to suffer from the weather anymore. Now people have growing hearts to help each other, and are looking forward to other ways to build up their community.