Written Stories

Waiting for Bricks

Northern Uganda is an area that has suffered greatly over the last two decades. Violence and conflict forced many people to abandon their villages and live in camps near the main town. Years passed. When the violence finally stopped and people were able to move back, there was little for them to return to.

Although people rebuilt their homes, many other developments were left lacking. On Sunday everyone gathered for church under the largest mango tree in the village. There was no church building. When it rained during the church service, everyone had to scatter. “We were waiting for someone to come build a church for us,” they said.

After learning through the TCT program about all the resources God has given us, the people started to think about what they had. They realized that God had given them soil, rich with clay, that could be used to make bricks. For years they had waited for someone to come build them a church building, when they actually had the resources for it right under their feet! With some water, soil, and their own hard work, the people in one village were able to make 5,000 bricks in just three days!