Written Stories

The Widow’s House

In one village there was a widow with two children. Her husband had abandoned her to follow another woman to a different part of the country. Before moving he had sold everything – the family house, land and all their possessions. The woman was left not only abandoned by her husband but homeless and landless.

The church heard about her situation and wanted to help. Initially they gave her food so that the family could eat. However, they understood that they needed to do more to help. Forty people from the church came together to build her a house. The women in the church went and gathered palm leaves to make a roof and the men gathered wood to make the frame. In three days they were finished. They were able to make a largish house for their area, using mostly local materials which they gathered for free.

Another person in the church loaned the widow a piece of land so that she could grow crops. With the help of the church she was able to get the crops planted. As a result of all the efforts the family started to do well. The widow had attended church many years earlier but had fallen away. However, she was now so moved by the love of the Christians that she recommitted her life to Christ and the whole family are now involved in the church.