Written Stories

The Widow’s Roof

In one village there was a crippled widow who was very poor. She survived by selling baskets and hats made from bamboo. Her house was very run down and broken, but she had no one to help her. Most families in her village kept to themselves and paid little attention to people like her.

One day, one of the local believers who had attended the TCT training came to her house. He brought some bamboo, wood, and leaves, and he started to repair the widow’s roof. As he was working, some people came from the village and started to join in and help. They managed to finish the roof that day. Some people asked the man, “Is this widow your relative? Why were you helping her?” The man replied, “God loves everyone. He wants us to have love for each other too. His love exists in everyone. So we should show our love to the people. That is why I am helping her.” The people were very happy at his words.