Written Stories

Village Transformation

In one family the wife became very ill. The family sought all types of medical help from traditional medicine to western medicine; they even went to the witch doctor but nothing worked. One day they met two evangelists from a neighboring community who were on a mission trip. They prayed for the woman and God healed her. The family was amazed and all accepted Christ as their savior.

The community where this family lived was very difficult. Every time they saw a stranger they would report it to the police or try to scare the person away with knives. A few evangelists had been arrested because of them. When the villagers discovered that this family had become Christians they were not willing to associate with them any more. At harvest time things became very difficult for the family – no one was willing to come and work on their land to help them complete the harvest.

At that time, the church who had sent the evangelists were trying to decide what to do for an Act of Love – they had seen such radical transformation in their own community that they couldn’t see any needs that they could address. When they heard about the situation with the new Christian family in the neighboring village, they decided to reach out to them to show them God’s love. Twenty people came together to help harvest the field and they were able to complete the work in one day.

When the people in the village saw strangers coming to help this family they were amazed. They commented “Christians have real love! Why would these people come to help even though they are not relatives and are from a different community. We want to know this type of love.” As a result over the next two months seventeen of the twenty families in this village accepted Christ. Praise God that through this small act of love, a non-believing anti Christian community became a Christian one.