Written Stories

The Church Brings Pride to Community

After attending Module 1 of the TCT program, 60 people from one church decided to build a road. In 12 days of hard work with hand tools, they completed a road that is 12-13kms long and 1.5m wide.

The local government officials were very surprised because they had called for people to work on a road many times, but no one responded. Why did the church suddenly volunteer for the job? They thought some outside organization must have paid for the project without authorization. They questioned the church, but the church answered, ‘No one gave us money. We did all of this because we learnt from TCT and wanted to obey God’s Word.’  Now the officials had a change of heart, and wanted to support the church for its good work. They promised to present the work to higher officials and request for them to send a bulldozer to widen the road. Teachers, border soldiers and ward officials of this area all benefitted from this project, so they become very supportive of the church.

When the TCT Local Facilitator visited this village, the teachers thought that he came from a different village, so they asked what he thought about this village, whether he noticed any special thing here. When the Local Facilitator answered that he saw nothing special, the teachers proudly replied, ‘They have a nice road. Does your village have a beautiful road like this one?’ They even boasted that it was the church who did all the work for 12 long days. All the while, they didn’t realize that it they were talking to the trainer who initiated this work here. Only when people from the church came and greeted the Local Facilitator did the teachers realize they knew each other. They asked the Local Facilitator if he is the church’s director, but he replied, ‘We are brothers and sisters in Christ. I came here to teach them the Bible. I am not their director.’ Seeing that God had used the road to soften their hearts, the Local Facilitator then shared the Gospel with the teachers.