Written Stories

Obedience Bring People to Christ

In one community, there was a woman who had a heart attack and was in the provincial hospital for surgery. The husband had to look after his wife, so he could not go back home to harvest the rice crop. Their family either didn’t care about them or felt too busy with their own fields to help out. So the husband and wife were very worried about her illness, the medical bills, and losing the crop, which is their main income for the year, because they couldn’t harvest the rice at the right time.

The church in that community was very small, with only 10 families. But they had just completed TCT Module 1 training and wanted to show God’s love to their community. Seeing the need of this family, 30 people from the church harvested this couple’s 4000 square meter field, threshed the rice and transported to their home. The church members even brought their own lunch to work (this is totally new to their culture, where the owner of the field must provide food and alcohol for everyone who comes to help).

When this couple came back from the hospital, they were very surprised and moved by the church’s Act of Love. This couple, along with nine others families in the village, accepted Jesus when they saw God’s love expressed through the people in the church. They said, ‘We want to believe in God because for a long time we were seeking love but could not find it anywhere. But now we found it in your church’. The pastor replied, ‘You will meet a greater love that is of Jesus the Savior.’ When I visited the church later, one more family had accepted Christ, another was seeking to understand the Gospel with open hearts. Praise the Lord, for He used the obedience of His people to bless others physically and spiritually!