Written Stories

Discovering God-Given Resources

An essential part of the TCT program is walking with churches and helping them to discover their God-given resources and abilities. After Module 1 was taught in one area in DRCongo, the church members were eager to get started doing this. They decided to start making bricks to build their own church. At first their plan was going well, but they soon ran into a basic problem. Making bricks was simple enough, but the bricks had to be transported a mile to the building site. They quickly became frustrated to pay for transportation by motorcycle and stopped the work.

When the program coordinator visited and heard the problem, he challenged them to look again at the resources they had. With a whole church full of people, how long would it take for them as a group to carry the bricks? They had never even thought of it! The church was so excited that they rushed out right then to start carrying the bricks and move forward with their previously abandoned project.