Written Stories

Fixing a Rough Village Road

Through TCT training, a pastor from a rural areas of midwest Nepal learned that the church should show God’s love to the community through action. He returned home and taught Module 1 to his congregation of about 40 people. The church prayed about what Acts of Love they could do in their community, and decided to fix the road connected to their village. This village road was so rough and muddy, even motorcycles could not pass through. They had to stop, get down from the motorbike, a push it through this area.

This project really challenged the faith of the congregation. The church leadership team challenged all the church members to contribute and volunteer the labour to fix the road. One Sunday, all the church members worked together from morning to evening to do the work. Through the donations of the church members, they hired an excavator to make the road smooth and provided sand and stone. After their hard work, vehicles can now pass through this road easily.

Church members were so excited to be a part of this great task. One member commented, “I have never participated such action, and I could not express my joy in words.”

Community members have a more positive attitude toward Christians after this project. One person commented, “I know Christians are merciful people, helping orphan and needy ones. But I have never seen this type of action—building the road for the community people.”

Some asked, “How did you do this project?” The church leaders told them, “We used our offerings and volunteer labour in order to fix this road because it is commonly used by everyone.” The community members were so impressed by this action that they were motivated to fix more of the road by themselves.

Because the local church took the initiative with their small resources, community members were encouraged to do the same type of action, the church has a good relationship with the community leaders, and their faith has increased. Now the church is motivated to do more acts to show God’s love to their community.