Written Stories

Free Will Baptist Church

Flakièdougou is a large village with almost 15,000 people located in Northeast Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. It lacks a lot of basic facilities for the wellbeing of its population. The Lobi people are the main people group.

Pastor Sie Roger Noufé, who lives in Flakièdougou, attended a TCT orientation in Bingerville and Module 1 training in Bouna. Once back to his congregation, the Free Will Baptist Church in Flakièdougou, he shared the vision with his people, and they started doing Acts of Love. They started simply with what they had, with acts like cleaning rubbish from the streets.

People noticed the street cleaning especially because everyone benefits from this activity, not just people in the church. Gradually the other four evangelical churches in Flakièdougou took notice of how God was using Free Will Baptist Church. All five churches gathered in the village and decided to work together to take responsibility for the betterment of their community. They identified among the various needs two main ones: the rural clinic had no running water and the cemetery was very far from the village.

They decided to be salt and light to their village by putting some money together to address these important needs in the community. Each church contributed $125. It was enough to hire workmen to dig a well for the clinic and to buy a cart to help bereaved families transport their dead to the cemetery.

Before, those outside the church considered these five churches as places for spiritual people to gather. Now, although Flakièdougou is not a Christian village, people have begun giving great respect to the evangelical churches.