How does TCT work in an urban setting compared to rural villages?

At this stage we haven’t found it quite so effective. There are a number of reasons. Two of the key obstacles are a loose sense of community and a lack of time. There is currently one group experimenting with doing the program in a poor urban setting where community relationships are much closer. We also have a set of materials that are designed to use in small groups. The materials teach the most important points of each lesson and can be used in one hour slots over ten sessions. For churches where gathering for three days is impossible, these can easily be added to the current Sunday school or small group curriculum so that people are able to study.

If you are interested in exploring doing the program in an urban setting then we would love to hear from you. We are happy to send on the small group curriculum. We’d also love to learn from your experiences as we work to find the best way to help people in these areas.