Do we pay a salary to TCT Local Facilitators?

Typically, the TCT program works through part-time local facilitators, most of whom are also pastors. Local facilitators are responsible to teach TCT training modules and also to visit and encourage churches. Because the facilitators are usually church pastors as well, they are well-positioned to lead their own church to apply lessons from the training. The facilitator’s own church often becomes an example for other area churches to follow.

There is not a single answer to the question about salary. Since facilitators work part-time, most will have other income sources. In some areas, local facilitators receive a small stipend according to the number of days they do TCT work. In these areas, facilitators often are responsible for 4-10 churches and it can take a significant amount of time. In Nepal, TCT facilitators work freely as volunteers, but are only responsible for 2-3 churches.

There are many ways to adjust the TCT program model depending on your context and available resources. Paying salary is not always necessary, or even beneficial in some situations. We are happy to talk to you about how to adjust the program if you are interested – just send us an e-mail.