Can we use the name TCT? Are there any copyright issues? What do we need to do to recognize you?

The materials are made freely available. You can adapt them and use them as you please as long as you aren’t selling them for a profit. If you do choose to use the name TCT we do ask that you email us and let us know. We do require you to follow the same basic program, making no more than contextualisation changes to the materials. If you are translating, please email us. We don’t want you to end up translating something that is already available in your language. Similarly we would love to share your efforts with others in your language group.

Where practical we do ask that you link to the website. For example if you are posting about this program on a website, we would appreciate it if you could link to our website – On the materials we also ask that you include a link to the website for those who want to learn more.