Written Stories

A Church Shows Love to a Government School

At Module 1 training, one pastor in Hetauda, Nepal heard the idea of doing Acts of Love for the first time. He had never considered showing love like this to the community before, but he was impressed with the many stories of transformation that he had heard. He decided to give it a try. He shared about Acts of Love with his church leadership team, and they all wanted to show love in obedience to God.

The pastor asked God to show him what the church should do, and felt that he was supposed to visit the public school. During the visit, he discovered that the school did not have a printer that could copy and scan. There is no print shop nearby, so the school could not even accomplish small printing and copying jobs. The pastor reported this need to the church leadership team. They prayed and discussed it, and God convicted them to help the school. The leadership team shared the need with the whole church and challenged all the believers to contribute whatever they could. They gathered enough to buy a 3-in-1 printer that can print, copy, and scan. The pastor contacted the principal and explained that the church had purchased a printer for the school, and they arranged a time to hand it over.

The pastor was surprised, when he arrived at the appointed time, to find that the principal had arranged a formal handover celebration with all the teachers, and invited respected authorities from the Education Department. The principal and teachers were so thankful. They said, “We never expected such a thing from the church.” The church members were excited to be part of their first Act of Love. They now have a good relationship with the community and the school. The pastor was even asked to sit on the school management committee!