What is the purpose of the magazine? How big is it and how frequently do you send it? How can we make our own?

The magazine/ newsletter is a tool that we have used to share stories and reinforce our main teachings. In many cases, Acts of Love in one area have been replicated in other areas after being shared in the magazine. It’s also been a great way to remind people of key teachings. After a year, it’s easy to forget about specific health lessons or parenting lessons so this serves as a way to remind people of what has been taught.

In many of the areas where we have worked the literacy level is quite low. As a result what often happens is that the pastor will read an article to the congregation as part of the church service or after the church service. It’s another way for the pastor to keep reinforcing the importance of wholistic ministry.

We usually include 5 articles and 4 stories or testimonies. These articles cover a variety of areas including spiritual growth, wholistic development principles, health, agriculture or parenting. Our typical magazine is 16-20 A4 pages and printed at a fairly low quality. It’s often photocopied by the churches or denominations to give even larger distribution. We print in black and white so that it is easy to photocopy. The quality of paper used is similar to photocopy paper so that people do not feel they are getting a lower quality version if they do get a photocopy. It also helps to keep our printing costs low.

To help you to compile your own magazine we will be providing a database of articles that we have used in the past. These will be available in the members area. You are welcome to download any of the articles and use them as they are, or to contextualise them to your area. We will also be including a sample magazine in the members area to give you a better idea of what we usually do. However, there is no perfect magazine, you should adapt it to what works best in your area.