Written Stories

Clean At Last

Most of the members of United Community Church are farmers. Before they were part of the program the people lived selfishly, relying on support from the government. They went to witch doctors when they were sick or wanted to improve their lives, making animal sacrifices. The relationship between community members was very poor. Most families didn’t have toilets and there was rubbish was everywhere. The drainage was full of smelly litter. Many times volunteer students from the government had come to clean up the community but it had always become dirty again. The local government encouraged the people to keep the area clean but no one paid attention to them. On the rainy days the smell from the rubbish disturbed people.

After they joined TCT the churches started to care about the environment. Most believers have now built a toilet and a shed for their animals. The churches started to do Acts of Love – cleaning the drainage system and rubbish dump. Initially there were only 10 people who were willing to help, but as they did more projects more people joined. As a result they were able to get all the cleaning done. When the church members saw the positive response from the community members, many of the believers encouraged the pastor to expand their efforts to other villages as well. The people in those villages were amazed, commenting that ‘Only the church has a heart for the community.’ When the government heard what was happening, they visited to see for themselves. They were extremely supportive, continuously sharing about what that church had done and encouraging community members to listen to the pastor.

In one such meetings was a government minister who hated the church. He always found small reasons to complain about Christians, but when he saw what the church had done for the community and saw the change in the life of the Christians, he praised them. He said that he wished all villages would believe in God so that society would be improved.

Now more people attend church. The church building has become too small and they plan to buy land and build a bigger building so that everyone is able to attend.