Written Stories

A Miraculous Healing Through an Act of Love

A pastor from Uttar Pradesh (North India) participated in Module 1 training in March 2017, and immediately began to teach the lessons to his congregation. One young man was eager to show the love of Jesus to his neighbors, and began looking for an opportunity. An old woman in their village had been asking her neighbors for help because she had a metal cot that had broken. Several times she asked for help but no one came forward to help her. When the young man from the church heard of her need, he gathered friends to help, and together they took her cot to a welding shop, where he paid to have it repaired. The old woman was very grateful, and the entire congregation was inspired to look for another opportunity to show the love of Jesus.

They decided to help a family in great need. The wife suffered with goiter, an illness that enlarges the thyroid. The husband was a rickshaw puller, and with his meager income, they couldn’t afford to feed their three children, leave alone seek medical treatment. The church provided food to the family and prayed for them. By God’s grace, the woman’s thyroid reduced to half! God also blessed this family with regular income. The whole family gives glory to God for healing the goiter. They also accepted Christ and want to be baptized and take part in the Lord’s Supper.