Written Stories

Cleaning a Hospital as an Act of Love

In one village in Andhra Pradesh, India, a young man recently became ill and was taken to the local government hospital. While he was there receiving treatment, he saw that the place was filthy. Used medicine and saline bottles littered the hallway. The young man saw how uncomfortable all of the patients were because of these conditions.

This young man is a Christian, and his church has studied TCT through Module 4. When other youth from the church visited him at the hospital and saw the poor conditions there, they reported back to the church about the situation. The church saw this as an opportunity to show love to their community. After praying about what to do, the youth approached the hospital administration about their concerns, but nothing was done. So the church decided to clean the entire hospital as an Act of Love. When the community saw that the church members used their own resources and volunteered their time to clean the hospital, they were very appreciative. Those who had opposed the church became friendly and encouraging. Some even became interested in the gospel and later accepted Christ as their savior!