Written Stories

A Good Night’s Sleep

In one community, many women were rising at 1 AM to start their daily routines.  Before breakfast, the women would collect firewood, fetch water, and prepare breakfast for their family.  After breakfast, they would work for hours in the field and take care of other household duties.  Each evening, the women would return to their home exhausted from a long day’s work with little energy to relax and enjoy time with their family.

After attending the marriage and family training, a few church leaders decided they wanted to start showing love to their wives by serving them.  Though initially embarrassed by the idea, the men wanted to obey God in all areas of their life, including serving their wives.  After much debate, they decided to rise before anyone else to avoid the embarrassment of others knowing they were helping their wives .  The men awoke with their wives at 4 AM to help with the preparations of the day, allowing their wives three extra hours of sleep.  The result was amazing!  The women, feeling more rested and valued by their husbands, were able to put more time and energy into their families. This, in turn, created a much happier and peaceful household.  Family members began spending more time together and the family grew stronger and healthier.

The community quickly noticed something had changed in these families and they started to investigate.  It didn’t take them long to find out the men had been waking at 4 AM, allowing their wives extra sleep.  Instead of laughing at the men, they too started to change!  Now, when the sun rises at 4 AM, so do the families in this community.  Inspired by a few men of the church who desired to serve their wives, the families in the community are now much happier and healthier.  It’s amazing what a bit of extra sleep can do!