Written Stories

Do We Have Water Too?

Water is essential to life.  However, in most areas where we work, families do not have easy access to water.  In some communities, families walk several kilometers to retrieve water used for drinking, cleaning, and cooking.In one area, the church decided to hand-dig a well. As they dug below the surface, each person had to be lowered down into the hole and then brought back up 10-15 minutes later.   Working in the hole was very difficult and oftentimes suffocating, making the digging process very slow.  After many hours of work, however, they were successful in hand-digging a new well.  For the first time, they had a water supply that didn’t require them to walk three kilometers to the nearest river!  When we asked what inspired them to do such a thing, they responded, “We asked ourselves this question: Was it possible that God had given us water?”

After sharing this story in our magazine, over 200 communities have found water in their area as well.  They started by asking themselves the same question: “Did God give us water too?”  They also hand-dug wells, typically 40 feet deep, and were surprised at the result.  After years of suffering without water, they realized for the first time God had supplied them with water too.