Written Stories

Accepted Again

After completing Module 1 of our training, a local church felt convicted about reaching out and serving their community.  Through much prayer and discussion, the church decided to help a family who moved from the community into the jungle years ago.  The husband was an alcoholic and frequently abused his wife and children.  Having been looked down upon by the community, the family moved into the jungle to be away from others.  The only real connection between the family and the community was when the husband came back to buy alcohol or tobacco.  After studying, the church decided they wanted to find a way to help this family.

The Pastor and deacons decided to visit the family and encourage them to move near the community so they could access electricity and a water supply.  The husband said his family could not afford a plot of land any closer.  Feeling led by God to serve this family, one believer in the church who attended the training decided to lend the family a plot of land near the community for free so they could build a house. This believer also promised that after the family had settled, he would sell the plot to the family at a lower than normal price.  The family agreed and the church moved forward with its plan to move the family onto this land and build them a new house.

When the day arrived, 32 people from the church volunteered to help. They chopped down trees from the forest, leveled the ground for a foundation, prepared meals, etc. The road from the old house to the new land was two kilometers long and difficult to travel, so moving the family turned out to be a challenging job. But the church pulled together and after a mere two days, they finished building the new house and moved the family into their home.  A church member helped connect electricity to the house and soon the small home, just 24 square meters (4x6m), was a stable, clean house to a very thankful family. The cost of this project was estimated at $350 US. This was a sum of money the family could never have provided, but working together a church could.

Two weeks later, the husband and his family were invited to attend the church and they accepted.  Blessed by the incredible outpouring of generous love shown by the church members, the husband decided to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. From that time on, he stopped drinking and became a loving husband and father. Now, with the Bible in his hand, he attends church every Sunday.

The financial gift of a home and land was very important, but even greater was the gift of love and care shown to the family.  Because they felt valued by the church, the man and his family—possibly for the first time—truly understood the deep, never-ending love of Jesus upon their lives.  Many other non-Christians in the community have been astonished by the transformation in this family.  They, too, are now seeking to understand the source of this love and care by the church.  Through the obedience of a church, the Lord is transforming a community.