Written Stories

A Community Learns to Work Together – Philippines

One Filipino pastor shared that he used to be a communist, but then became a Christian. His province is the furthest west in the Philippines, very remote, and the third poorest province in the country. The people must walk six hours in order to get product from their fields down to the main road to sell it. This pastor, along with some others from his area, walked a half day to attend TCT Module 1 training. After the training the pastor returned to his village and trained his church. The church talked about what Act of Love they could do for their community. One of the first things they realized was how dirty their community was. Before, they had never cleaned the community. But after the Module 1 training, they organized all the church members to go and work together to clean. Another significant change came in the way they did their work. Before they would only farm their own fields individually, but now the community comes together to work together in each other’s fields. The pastor says, “It’s better not to speak, but to instead just do the Acts of Love and then the community will see.” Initially it was just the church members initiating the work, but because the pastor is a former communist leader, the whole community still looks to him as a leader, so now he leads them to work together for the sake of loving one another. He testifies, “Before my wife and I were leading for rebellion, but now we are leading for reconciliation.”