Written Stories

A Village Transformation – Southeast Asia

After studying Module 10 of TCT, a pastor and TCT-trainer reflected on all the changes he had seen in his village over the past six years. He said the first thing that really changed was their beliefs. “Before [studying TCT], many people weren’t really concerned about the community and others. The villagers and church members just thought that the community needed someone to come (probably from the US) to make us good and developed. Now for sure we know God has made us the ministers of reconciliation.” Within their district, this pastor’s village was the worst. People said their village was the dirtiest place, full of waste and manure. After studying module 4 and learning that God cares about health and cleanliness, the church mobilized to change this. The whole village has toilets now–some even have water pipes. They also built a fence around the whole village, so larger cattle and buffalo can’t enter and wander through the streets. And the women’s groups work to clean the village the first Saturday of every month. Now their community has been called a Most Clean Village by an NGO and the government. The people are really happy; they enjoy living in a clean place. Now the church turned their attention to another problem: because the village is 35 miles from the market town, the people struggle to buy enough to eat. The church organized a work crew to repair the bad road that connected their village to the main road, to make travel easier. Then the TCT team leader had an idea to start their own market, so people wouldn’t have to go all the way to the larger town to buy what they needed. The church formed a community team that approached the village leader with this idea, and they invited all the leaders to attend to discuss it. The village helped them to get started. So now they buy goods from town and transport them to the village to sell. They use the profit as a community fund to help the poorest and most vulnerable; the fund is managed by a committee. Every time they sell all the goods, they present a report to the village leaders. Now the church has a good relationship with the community, the people are able to travel more easily and also have enough to eat, the children get sick less because they live in a clean environment, and the people are happy to live in their village, no longer waiting for others to come help them. Praise God for this transformation!