Written Stories

Loving Our Neighbors by Sharing Our Skills

Masanda village is in a peri-urban area in Uganda with a fast-growing population. Through a program of Food for the Hungry, the church there has studied three TCT Modules so far. The people of Masanda have many struggles, but one of the most difficult is the problem of cooking their food. Most people cannot afford charcoal or electricity, and the nearby forest has been so depleted that it is now protected by law. Nevertheless, the women in the area feel they have no choice but to cut wood from the protected forest to feed their cooking fires. When they do, they are often arrested and jailed.

Grace Nandaba didn’t think she could help her neighbors–she was poor herself. But through TCT, she learned that God has given us so much, and that He wants us to use the resources He has given us to serve others. After learning this truth, Grace realized that she did have a way to serve others, because she was skilled at making fuel-efficient stoves. She decided to show love to her neighbors by teaching them what she knew. She gathered the women that were part of community savings group and began sharing about the fuel efficient stove. She explained, “[Open] fire just goes without cooking, but this kind of stove confines and directs the fire to the pan.” She explained that it makes less smoke and is safer around children.

With Grace’s help, the women made themselves fuel efficient stoves. They’ve cut their need for firewood in half, and this has made their lives much easier. “Zikhu zikyekhe nezkhola bikali!” With a little fire, you can do much!