Truth Centered Transformation® is a program of Reconciled World that is designed to equip rural churches to apply God’s truth to their lives, reach out and serve their communities and learn basic life skills. In the last ten years we have seen over 500 communities move out of poverty as they have applied these ideas.

This website exists to share our ideas, experiences, and tools. We have been incredibly blessed by all that has happened and would love to inspire you as you work with churches and communities that also want to move out of poverty. The website has four main parts: 1) Program; 2) Stories; 3) Questions; and 4) Tools


This section of the website includes a series of articles to introduce you to the program and outline the basics to help you replicate this training in your community. While the website contains a summarized version for the full description, see the practitioners’ guide under the Tools menu.


This section includes the  story of our founder, the story of one community who moved out of  poverty, and many stories of Acts of Love. Hopefully you will find plenty of inspiration as you read these testimonies.  


This section includes resources needed to run the program, such as a Practitioners’ Guide and materials for the first two church trainings. Additional materials are added every quarter. Please sign up for updates to stay informed on what is new each quarter.

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Latest Stories

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    • In the Equatorial region, the Congo river has thousands of islands. One of the big challenges faced Read More

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