What is Wrong with Having an Evangelistic Agenda in Acts of Love?

The purpose of an Act of Love is to show God’s love to the community. It is any action a church takes to serve the community in a tangible way. We do this because God commands us to love our neighbour as ourselves.

Some churches have done service projects with a condition that those who receive the benefit have to listen to a gospel message first or have to commit one year to attend Bible study. This is not really showing love. It is making a trade or a deal. Having an evangelistic agenda in an Act of Love will cause people to doubt our motives, to question whether we truly love them, and to feel manipulated.

Furthermore, when the Act of Love comes with a condition, people don’t see the fact that the church made a sacrifice to serve them. As a result, they don’t appreciate what the church had done.

Another problem with having an evangelistic agenda in an Act of Love is that we are creating difficulty for an evangelist in the future. People now expect to receive material things in return for listening to the gospel message. When the material thing runs out, they will stop believing as well. People will get the wrong idea of what the gospel is all about.