Written Stories

Love Makes a Difference

In one community there was a man who was accused of being a witch and hated by the people. Every time anyone got sick, they accused him of being the one who called the evil spirits. It didn’t matter how hard he tried to explain, people didn’t believe him. He became depressed with no one – not even his relatives wanting to associate with him. When the church heard about his situation, they came to visit him. Touched by the action of these Christians, he wanted to know why they didn’t behave like others in the community. They shared about the love of Jesus that drove them to do an act like that. After a few months of learning about the Bible, the man accepted Jesus. The community hated him even more because he stopped believing in the spirits of the area. When he rebuilt his house, no one came to help except people in the church. Thirty people came to construct his house from collecting wood in the forest to carrying roof tiles from market. After one week, they were able to finish his house. This stirred up conversations in the community. Some said ‘there is true love in the church’ others said ‘nothing special, they just helped their own fellow believers’. But it’s clear that they all saw the love of Jesus expressed through his people. As a result, 5 more families accepted Jesus. Praise the Lord!