Written Stories

God’s Love Expressed Through Latrines

A TCT partner church decided to build latrines for all families in their community after they learned that God cares about their health, not just their spiritual life. The community health worker was very surprised when she saw that everyone in the village had access to a latrine. She reported to the district government saying, “I have tried so many years to tell them that they need to use latrines but they didn’t listen to me. I don’t know why suddenly everyone now has latrines.” The official didn’t believe her and came to check for himself. When he found out that it was all true, he asked the church leaders where they learned the idea and the reason why. The pastor replied, “We learned from the Bible and we want the whole village to see God and know that He loves them so that they can come to know him.” He went on to explain that, “because the Gospel is active so is our faith.” The official so greatly appreciated what the church did that he used this church as an example for other communities to follow in the next government meeting.