Written Stories

A Simple Act of Love

After receiving the first few lessons of training a church in a rural village decided to begin showing the love of Christ to their community through small acts of love. In this community there was a family that lived in isolation on the outskirts of the village. The husband in this family had a poor reputation among the villagers for his tendencies to steal and rob the community members. The family was often lacking in food and basic needs and the husband was rarely home, compounding the difficulty of the situation.

After some time and prayer the church decided that they would select this family to shower their love and support. They began by visiting the family and sharing with them the love of God by spending time with the children and giving them small gifts and used clothes. They noticed that the husband was not around. Upon visiting the family the church members also realized that because the father is often away the family struggled to find enough food to eat and didn’t have sufficient rice for their meals. The members of the church then decided to collect food and rice for the family and return to the home a few days later. Again, on this visit the church members realized that the husband was not there and had neglected his family in a variety of ways.

A few days after the second visit a few members of the church received word that the husband of the family had returned home and asked the family where they had received the gifts of food, rice and clothes. The wife had shared with her husband what the church had done and how the church had helped them through some difficulties. The husband immediately became convicted and was touched by the sacrificial love the church had showed his family. Nobody had ever cared or showed interest in his family. This was the first time the man had ever felt loved by others. The man was so blessed by the acts of love that he decided the next Sunday to attend the church. Weeks later, the man accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. The family continues to attend the church and the husband has become a new man. Having left his old lifestyle, the husband now has become a leader and deacon in the church and a testimony to the transforming power of a simple act of love.