Why do we give away our trainings for free?

Actually this is a simple question with a simple answer. We long to see God’s name glorified and His Kingdom built around the world. That means we long to hear about people coming to Christ, churches maturing and becoming all that God intended, people moving out of poverty, marriages flourishing and children, both boys and girls, getting education. Through God’s incredible power we have seen all these happen through the program.

We want to create the opportunity for as many people as possible to access these ideas and apply or adapt them to their work so we are giving away our materials. Feel free to use them as you wish. For access to all the materials you do need to register – for free. It’s just a way to help us stay in touch better.

Beyond that we also share freely because we learnt from so many others who also shared freely. We want to continue the blessing. We have learnt so much and been blessed by so many other organisations and their ideas as we put together these ideas. Just a few of them include – Disciple Nations Alliance, Harvest Foundation and Community Health Evangelism. We are building on the shoulders of giants!