Who is Reconciled World? What is their relationship to TCT?

Reconciled World is actually a community of organisations that are seeking to create, implement and share programs that are based on the same seven core principles. These are:

  • Depending On God
  • Nurturing Truth and Confronting Lies
  • Integrating Physical and Spiritual
  • Partnering with Churches
  • Focusing on the Vulnerable
  • Mobilising Local Resources
  • Pursuing God’s Ways

As a community we openly share the models that we develop—TCT is one of those. We are in the process of preparing three more models so they can be shared. These models are related to addressing violence against women, helping churches engage with those who are differently abled and using art to impact nations. You do not need to be part of Reconciled World or our community to have access to the TCT model or (in the future) the other models. We want to freely share with others the resources that God has given us.