Written Stories

The Violent Orphan

In one community where Christianity was discouraged, there lived a very violent man.  In fits of rage, the man would often beat people, including police and government officials for no apparent reason.  The community lived in fear of the man and his aggressive behavior.

After studying our first module of training, the small church decided they would build a home for orphans in their community.  A few days after they finished building the home, the violent man from the community showed up at the door of the church.  Though unsure of his intentions, the church leaders allowed the man to enter.  The man sat with them and shared his story.  He, too, had been an orphan and struggled to survive, feeling alone and isolated inside. He was surprised to see that there were people who cared for orphans enough to build a house for them. He asked to be included in their work and to learn more about the love they showed. They shared more about Christianity with the man and he soon surrendered his life to Christ.

Quickly, his life changed dramatically.  The man went from being known as a violent disruption in the community to a loving community member.  As a result of his life transformation, 98 people have come to know Jesus in his community.  In addition, the police and government officials were so happy the abuse was under control that they gave permission to the church leaders to build a church building.  Today, the man continues to be involved in the church and is always one of the first to volunteer whenever the church is doing Acts of Love.