Written Stories

Seeking Justice

In one area a recent storm washed away the bridge leaving people unable to cross the river. A man from another tribal group came and built a bridge but started to charge the people $2.50 to cross on a motorbike and $1 to cross on foot. In an area where they only earn a few hundred dollars a year, this was an incredible amount to pay. The people begged the man to change, saying that at those rates they would quickly become bankrupt. The man refused and in the first week collected $500.

The church saw what was happening and felt that they needed to do something to overcome this exploitation of the people. Fifty people from the church and community gathered together, collected resources and spent two days building a bridge next to his on the location of the old bridge. The people were appreciative. The guy who built the bridge was angry but the church was unmoved, explaining that if he had treated people justly then they would not have done that. The bridge builder had already made much more than the cost of the bridge so eventually he left. The government came, apologising for not doing anything, explaining that they didn’t have any funds and thanking the church for building the bridge.