• TRAINING 1: INTRODUCTION FOR WHOLISTIC MINISTRY – Introduces the basic principles of wholistic ministry and challenges the church to demonstrate God’s love through simple Acts of Love in their community. Churches usually begin helping through projects such as working in the fields, cleaning litter, building a well or house for a widow, or repairing a road.
  • TRAINING 2: KINGDOM OF GOD – A reminder that God cares about how we live every aspect of our lives. Specific lessons cover the principle of work, how we can have a kingdom impact, and the role of the church in building God’s kingdom.
  • TRAINING 3: SATAN’S LIES – A look at how Satan’s lies hold us in poverty.  It is through God’s truth that we are able to overcome poverty. Also included in this training are lessons on stewardship of creation and bringing change to communities.
  • TRAINING 4: HEALTH – Basic lessons on hygiene and treating common illnesses.  This lesson starts by addressing the issue of why Christians should care about health.
  • TRAINING 5: MARRIAGE & FAMILY – Outlines husband/wife roles in marriage, how to build a strong marriage, and basic parenting techniques with an emphasis on discipline.
  • TRAINING 6: MONEY MANAGEMENT – Covers basic principles for managing money, such as how to calculate profit, how to budget, and how to calculate interest on debt.
  • TRAINING 7: SALT AND LIGHT – Reminds students our lives are not only about ourselves, but also about having a kingdom impact in our communities, provinces and even the nation.  Lessons focus on glorifying God in all we do, as well as specific advice on overcoming sin.
  • TRAINING 8: AGRICULTURE – Covers organic farming, small home gardens, and the importance of crop diversity.  This training helps farmers make wise decisions and reminds them of God’s call to be stewards of all creation.
  • TRAINING 9: EVANGELISM – Equips churches as they reach out into non-Christian communities. A core aspect of this teaching is Chronological Storying. This is a method of using stories to share the message of Christ that is particularly suitable in oral-based cultures.
  • TRAINING 10: LIVING AS GOD INTENDS – A review of the previous nine trainings.  This training focuses on helping the church celebrate how far they have come, while also challenging them in areas still needing growth.