Written Stories

Hospital Boat

In the Equatorial region, the Congo river has thousands of islands. One of the big challenges faced in the islands is that they have no way to quickly get to a hospital. They take tiny boats and paddle by hand but people who are seriously sick can die on the way to the hospital. Many never went to hospital and were unable to get medical care. After learning in TCT that God wants us to show His love to our communities and has given us resources to do so, the people in the church gathered to try to think about how to solve this issue. They decided to create a motorboat that could be used as an ambulance and a floating clinic. They collected three small boats and connected them together. They then attached a motor and created a small house on the boat. The boat now serves 70 islands—approximately 7,000 people. It can travel up to 300 kilometers in a day to reach people and get them to a hospital.