Written Stories

Building Bridges

Deep in the jungle exists a community where the common mode of transportation exists by way of footbridges that cross the interlacing streams and canals in the area. The people in the community and believers in the church have always been challenged by the difficulties of traveling over the unstable footbridges. After several believers from the church attended the module 1 of training, they were reminded and challenged to care for the community where they were living. The people of the church sat down and planned a simple project of repairing a bridge near the church.

After several days of praying that God would provide the construction materials for the project, the church once again gathered with good news. The Lord God had answered their prayers!! News had come that a local wood factory agreed to provide the amount of wood needed to repair and build the bridge. The believers in the church together provided the remaining items needed – nails, zinc cords and food, as well laborers for the work. They were also surprised, that there were some people from the community that had heard about the project and wanted to take part. After a period of time, the bridge was safely repaired and put into use. The people in the community were so glad and thankful for the new bridge. This repair now allowed their children to pass over the canal safely on their way to school. They gave thanks to the church and asked that the church do more and more.

A few weeks following the completion of the project, the local government visited the church and asked the church to take part in the repairing of a small road in the village. Thanks be to God! As the church has continued to serve the community the community has become more and more open to the message and love of God. Weekly, more people from the community are now attending the church and God is doing a great work in their hearts. We are seeing a simple act of love and obedience; transform the hearts of a whole community.