Written Stories

Bringing Clean Water

Yet another community was three kilometers from the nearest clean water source. As a result, women and children had to get up before sunrise and walk a long way through a dangerous area to fetch water. They feared being attacked, and the children were often late for school. After studying TCT Module 1, the church realized that they ought to create a pipe from the main road to their area. The church gathered the whole community, and together they saved some money for the materials. Then the youth committed themselves to dig so a pipe could be created. At the end of the project, the community had water. Before this project, the church had a bad reputation in the community, but now, as a result of this Act of Love, their relationship with the community has improved and even non-Christians are saying, “Now because of the church we have water near our house. Praise God.” In addition, a group of young people has joined the church because they saw the actions of the church.