Module 3: God’s Truth and Satan’s Lies

Module 3 addresses God’s Truth and Satan’s Lies. We seek to help students to understand how satan’s lies can hold us in poverty and how God’s Truth has the power to move us out of poverty. We look a a few simple truths encouraging the students to start to recognise all that God has given them and their ability to be God’s instrument to bring change to their community. The training finishes by making a community plan for how they would like to see their community change over the next 10 years.

  • Lesson 1: Are We Being Transformed
  • Lesson 2: We Are To Be Stewards Of Creation
  • Lesson 3: We Can Change The Future
  • Lesson 4: God Has Given Us So Much
  • Lesson 5: Satan Is A Liar
  • Lesson 6: Needs Assessment

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The Teacher Guide is a detailed guide that we give to each of our trainers. It contains full notes of each lesson, including answers to many of the questions.


We typically print visual aids on cardstock and they are used as posters for the class or for interactive group work. The Teacher Guide explains how each is used.