Module 1: Teacher’s Book

Lesson 1: The Whole Story

Key Objective

  • Understand God’s plan is not just to see lives saved but also to see the restoration of the three relationships that were broken in the fall.


  • Posters of three relationships

Why Did Jesus Die?
Discuss as a large group – why did Jesus die?
We usually say that Jesus came just to save us from our sins. This is true, but He came to do so much more than that. His death on the cross is only one part of the whole story. To really understand the message of the Bible, we need to understand the whole story from beginning to end.

picture1-creationThe Beginning
Based on what we learn in Genesis 1-2, how would you answer these questions? (If you prefer, this can be done as a small group activity. Prepare sheets with the questions printed on them.)

  • What was the world like in the very beginning in the Garden of Eden?
  • What was the relationship like between Adam and God?
  • What was the relationship like between Adam and Eve? Do you think they argued much?
  • What was the relationship like between Adam and Creation? Did Adam have all that he needed? Did he have enough food?

Show the first diagram and help students to see that in the beginning before the fall each of these three relationships were perfect.

The Fall
Read Genesis 3:1-20
Ask two people to do the following role-play.

“A Conversation Between Adam and Eve”

Adam:  (Gardening) Eve, working in the garden sure got hard after we upset God by eating that fruit!

Eve:   Yeah, and our boys aren’t getting along well anymore, either.  They argue and hit each other all the time.  I hope it doesn’t get any worse! And these stupid fig leaves I have to wear—they’re so ugly!

Adam:  (Arguing) Well, we can’t afford to buy new clothes, so don’t complain
(Pause) I miss the old days, when God used to walk with us and talk with us.  Now He’s sorry we’re even around. And remember how the animals used to obey us? Now they run scared of us!

Eve: Yeah, or try to bite us!  Ugh . . . I hate snakes!  I can’t believe I took advice from a snake!  This whole mess is all the snake’s fault!

Adam:  No, it’s all your fault!  You never do the right thing!  Why would I take advice from a person who took advice from a snake?

Eve: Well, don’t blame me.  That’s your fault! (Stopping, sadly) I’m sorry—it doesn’t help to yell.  Adam, do you think things will ever be like they used to be?

Adam: I don’t know—only God could fix this mess!

Eve: Oh, no—what now? (Yelling, running out)  Stop fighting, you two boys!  Stop it right now.  Do you hear me?  I’m going to tell your father, and he’s not going to be happy!

Adam: (Returning to garden, sighing) Work, work, work, work, work, work . . .

picture2-fallAs a large group discuss:
From the role play and what you read in the bible, what are some of the problems that people now face as a result of the fall?

  • Read Genesis 3:8,10 – What happened during the fall to man’s relationship with God?
  • Read Genesis 3:12 – What happened during the fall to man’s relationship with each other?
  • Read Genesis 3:15 – What happened during the fall to man’s relationship with creation?

Explain: In the fall, evil entered the world; not just moral evil, but physical evil as well. Before the fall, there was enough food and there were no earthquakes, no floods, no droughts. As a result of the fall, we now have all these things.
The fall damaged all three of the relationships.

The Mission
The next stage of the story between God and His creation is found between the account of the fall and the end of the Old Testament. (Show the class the section you are referring to in the bible.)
This is the stage where God is seeking His people. He has a desire to restore what was broken.

  • ABRAHAM – Read Genesis 12:1-3. In this section God raises up Abraham and blesses him. Why does he bless Abraham? (God wants to bless the nations.) In this one verse, we see God’s plan to save the whole world. Through the church He wants to bring blessing to the nations.
  • MOSES – God gave the world the 10 commandments so that we could know how to restore the broken relationships.
    • Does the law just cover spiritual things or does it cover our relationships with each other and nature?
      • Explain that the law covers our relationship with God (Ex 21:3), our relationship with each other (e.g. Ex 21:12), and also our relationship with creation (Ex 23:10). There are specific laws to help people stay healthy (e.g. Lev 13) and show how to treat each other (e.g. Ex 23:1-9). God doesn’t just care about spiritual things. He cares about all aspects of our life. That is why he created laws for every area that was broken by sin.
    • Read Deut 28:1-14. What does God say will be the consequences if we obey these commands? Are the blessings that God promises only for spiritual things or are they blessings for their physical life as well?
  • God raised up kings and prophets, but again and again Israel suffered through poverty and war because they turned their backs on God.
  • 2 Chronicles 7:14
    •  Who does God call on to humble themselves and pray? (Not all people, but all His people—today the Christians.)
    • What did God say would happen if they were obedient? (God will heal our land.) This is still true today. This is so much more than just seeing lives saved. This talks about the fact that God will bring healing to all three of the relationships.

The Cross
This is not only the most wonderful part of the story, but also the most important part. In most religions, people are required to sacrifice in order to please the gods. In Christianity, God so loved mankind that He sent His son to die for them.

Read Colossians 1:19-20. Why does Jesus die?


  • The reconciliation of all the relationships.

picture3-restorationShow Picture 3 and explain to the class that God came to reconcile everything that was broken in the fall. However, everything will not be finally perfect until the end of the story.

Jesus left us with the great commission. We are responsible to not only see people become Christians, but also to disciple nations. Discipling nations means helping the nation to follow God’s intentions in all the areas that He has come to reconcile.

The End of the Story
picture4-returnRead Revelation 21:1-7

  •  At the end, what is man’s relationship with God going to be like?
  •  What is man’s relationship with each other going to be like?
  •  What is man’s relationship with nature going to be like? Will we have enough to eat? Will we ever be sick?

This is the whole story—the wonderful story from beginning to end of how God created a perfect world. Of how sin entered that world and destroyed everything. Of how God loved us so much that He sent His son to restore relationships that were broken in the fall. Of how God will one day come again and make all things new.

God loves you so much. He sent His son to die that you may have a relationship with Him, and that you might be able to have good relationships with each other and with creation.