TCT Relationships

There are many different ways that you can relate to Reconciled World as you use the TCT curriculum. There are a few guidelines, but for the most part it is up to you to decide what works best for you. Here are the four most common types of relationship:

Little Relationship

  • You sign up to become a TCT Member which gives you access to all ten trainings and additional materials, but have little contact with the Reconciled World Team.
  • You do need to fill in an annual survey and provide copies of all translations of materials so that we can share with others. We want to see God’s kingdom built and we believe one way we see that happen is by freely sharing.  
  • You are invited to forums, which happen every two years.
  • This is for those who do not want to have a lot of contact because you feel confident to use the materials by yourself.

Consulting Relationship

  • This is for those who want training and advice as they do the program.
  • We provide advice via email or skype. When the group represents at least 100 churches (this includes non-formal and non-registered churches—any group that gathers to worship), we are happy to send a staff member to do training for facilitators. If you are not currently in relationship with 100 churches but would like us to be involved in helping to provide training, then we recommend organising an orientation for other church leaders from other networks, denominations or areas to see if God opens the door to work with more churches.
  • You are invited to forums
  • Those in a consulting relationship are expected to share stories, provide basic reporting, translations, and lessons learned..
  • You can apply for funding for translation work.

Full Reconciled World Partner

  • Reconciled World is a tight-knit community of organisations. We seek to apply the same core principles to all our work and commit to accountability and full participation in the RW community.
  • A few (very few) of the organisations doing TCT have become Reconciled World Partners. This is for those who, beyond implementing TCT, want training and support  to incorporate RW’s Framework for Transformation throughout their entire ministry.
  • This option is only for those who we have had a consulting relationship with RW for at least one year.
  • Partners are able to receive program funding (primarily as matching-grants to locally-raised funds).
  • Partnership requires executive leadership and board approval from both organisations.

No Relationship

  • You have access to the first five trainings.
  • There is no need to contact us. You are welcome to freely download and use what you want from the website.
  • This is most often used by those who want to adapt the materials significantly or just want to use the materials for their own purposes (for example, for staff training). We are more than happy for you to do that. While we love to hear how people are using the material, you are under no obligation to be in touch. We just want to see God’s kingdom built and, if sharing our materials with you helps in any small way, then we consider that a blessing.
  • Please do feel free to contact us to see if your language is translated. We are happy to share translations.